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Myron L Ultrameters

Myron L Ultrameters While priced like affordable single parameter instruments the Ultrameter does the job of three four or even six instruments. All Ultrameters models deliver performance of 1% of reading. This high level of accuracy has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology a unique pH/ORP sensor and powerful microprocessor-based circuitry. The full four-digit LCD ensures resolution levels never before possible in such affordable instruments.

More Info Product Name Retail Price Our Price
4P2 - Ultrameter II water testing meter
More Info

Ultrameter II water testing meter

Catalog id : 4P2

Cond., TDS, Resistivity and Temp.
$1,184.15 $1,076.50
6PIIFCE - Ultrameter II Multi-Test Water Meter
More Info

Ultrameter II Multi-Test Water Meter

Catalog id : 6PIIFCE

Conductivity, TDS, Resistivity, pH, ORP Free Chlorine and Temp.
$1,525.34 $1,388.06
Myron L Ultrameters

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